Academic Structure

The Master’s Degree in Application of Computer Technology in Education is a structured course.
It is divided in 7 compulsory theoretical and practical subjects (5 of them deal with topics on the ground of the course: 730 hours), 2 subjects are related to research training and writing of thesis and scientific publications with the aim of writing the thesis to achieve the Master’s Degree.

– Duration:

2 years

1st Year

Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Remote Learning
Professor: Dr. Sanz Cecilia
Assistant professor: Dr. Zangara Alejandra
Duration: May to August


Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Computer Technology. Evolution and Applications
Professor: Eng. De Giusti Armando
Assistant professors: Dr. Sanz Cecilia and Mg. Bertone Roberto
Duration: August – December


Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Cognitive Psychology Applied to Educational Computing
Professor: Mg. Malbrán M. del Carmen
Assistant professor: Mg. Perez Viviana
Duration: August – December

2nd Year

Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Rendering, Storage and Recovery of Knowledge
To attend this subject, it is required to pass subjects b and c
Professor: Dr. Laura Lanzarini
Assistant professors: Mg. Bertone Rodolfo and Mg. Thomas Pablo
Duration of module 1: April – August
Duration of module 2: October – December


Icono_PDF_16_x_16Hypermedia Learning Environments. Development of Educational Material
To attend this subject, it is required to pass subjects b and c
Professor: Dr. Rossi Gustavo
Assistant professors: Dr. Zangara Alejandra and Mg. Bibbó Luis Mariano
Duration: October – December


Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Research Methodology
To attend this subject, it is required to pass subject b
Professors: Dr. Emilio Luque; Dr. Dolores Rexachs; Dr. Cecilia Sanz


Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Workshop on Thesis Writing
To attend this subject, it is required to pass subjects a, b and c
Professors: Mg. Maria Malbrán; Mg. Zangara Alejandra

– Thesis:

It should reflect a detailed and updated study of the state of the art in the particular area of the thesis and a research or own applied development which should constitute a creative contribution at national level. It can be complemented with presentations given in Congresses or publications of his/her authorship or co-authorship on the same topic.

Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Layout for the Master’s Degree Thesis and its Design