The aim of these Advanced Training Courses (CPP, Spanish acronym) of the School of Computer Sciences is to give a set of courses to be updated and trained in a specific topic from the computer sciences field in order to reach a conceptual and technological knowledge on the ground.
Once these courses are completed, you receive a certification endorsed by the School which describes all the courses taken and the specific application field.
The CPP definition can be part of a requirement from a public or private institution.
The passed courses of a CPP may be possibly recognized for some Specialization Courses accredited by the School, prior to the evaluation of the Research and Postgraduate Advisory Board.
The maximum stipulated length for the activities in a CPP course is 12 month.
A CPP course has a minimum of 200 hours of classes (theory and practice) and it has a fixed number of courses (at least 4 of 20 hours minimum each).
The CPP courses are defined in an academic year and the HCD can allow their annual teaching according to the proposal from the person in charge of the CPP, the Postgraduate Director and the Research and Postgraduate Advisory Board.