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The Knowledge and Innovation Magazine, Postgraduate Online Magazine of the School of Computer Sciences – UNLP is a work carried out by the Postgraduate Deputy Secretary, the Postgraduate Department and the Postgraduate Administrative Office of this School of Computer Sciences. The publication of the magazine takes place every six months, in March and September every year.

The aims of the Magazine are:

  • To spread new knowledge and innovation in the field of computer sciences which are the result of the Postgraduate activities and of the Doctoral Thesis, Master’s Thesis and Specialization Final Works carried out by the graduate professionals.
  • To capture the graduate students’ profiles: their origins, professional activities, research issues and development.
  • To show what the Postgraduate Programs offer in a dynamic way and including a current and future-based vision.

We hope the Magazine will be useful for students, graduates and teachers of the Postgraduate Programs and it also becomes a connection to our society.

All the publications of the Magazine can be found in the online magazine website.

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