Postgraduate Online Magazine – Edition N°3

The online magazine “Conocimiento e Innovación [Knowledge and Innovation] of the Postgraduate Department of the School of Computer Sciences -UNLP is a work carried out by the Postgraduate Deputy Secretary, the Postgraduate Department and the Postgraduate Administrative Office of this School of Computer Sciences.

We invite you to view the new edition of the magazine and we hope it will be useful for students, graduates and teachers of the Postgraduate Programs and it also becomes a connection to our society.

Courses to be given in SEPTEMBER

Tuesday and Thursday 2.5 hours. STARTING on 15th September to 1st October /
September 15-17-22-24-29 and 1st October from 9am to 11.30am
Administration of HPC Infrastructures (Cluster & Cloud)Dr. Remo Suppi
(UAB - España)
From 14th to 30th September - 2pm to 4pm. (Argentinian time) Monday and WednesdaySoftware Engineering experimentationDra. Marcela Genero
October from 9am to 12pm /
Tuesday 22nd, Thursday 24th, Monday 28th, Wednesday 30th September and Friday 2nd October.

Technology for Smart Cities
Eng. Luis Marrone (UNLP)
September 28 and 29. October 2, 5 and 6 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Automatic learningDr. Franco Ronchetti (UNLP)
5 Wednesdays from 30th September to 28th October- 9am to 1pm
Big Data visualizationDra. Silvia Castro
Dra. Ma. Luján Ganuza


VIII Conference on Cloud Computing, Big Data & Emergent topics

Annual meeting to exchange ideas, projects, scientific outcomes and specific applications in several fields related to Cloud Computing, Data Intelligence and Big Data.