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Eng. Armando Eduardo De Giusti

Course Academic Committee:

Dr. Francisco Tirado (UCM Spain)
Dr. Emilio Luque (UAB Spain)
Dr. Marcela Printista (UNSL Argentina)
Dr. R. Marcelo Naiouf (UNLP Argentina)
M.Sc. Jorge Ardenghi (UNS Argentina)


The Master’s Degree in High Performance Computing is particularly aimed at university graduates in Computer Sciences and Engineering. The goal is to provide the graduate with updated knowledge about the topic fundamentals and the currently used technologies in High Performance Computing. At the same time, we train graduates with R&D skills, who can complete the Doctorate in Computer Sciences, following the topics of the Master’s Degree.
The topics include Fundamentals of Parallel Systems, Parallel Architectures, Parallel Programming Paradigms, Parallel Programming Methodologies and Languages, Cluster, Grid and Cloud Computing, Shared Memory Models Programming, Messages and Hybrids, Performance Monitoring, Optimization of Algorithms and Architectures, Fault Tolerance, Middlewares for Parallel Architectures, Resources and Applications Management.


The Master´s Degree in High Performance Computing is certified and categorized “A” by CONEAU (Resolution Number 681/12, Course Number 30,124/10).
Icono_PDF_16_x_16Resolution Number 283/16, Course Number 30,500/15