Academic Structure

The Specialization in Software Engineering is a structured course.

The course of studies is organized in five compulsory theoretical and practical subjects, and an Integrative Final Work.

The subjects deal with different aspects of Software Engineering and their contents are constantly updated from the beginning of the course of studies.

Although each course has an independent organization, complementary and non-compulsory activities (seminars, conferences, meetings of technological projects, etc.) are planned by the Specialization Headship in order to help students choose the topic of their Integrative Final Work

– Duration:

2 years (classes are on Fridays and Saturdays)

– Number of subjects: 5 plus an Integrative Final Work.

1. Software Project administration

Professor Lic. Alejandro Oliveros
Duration: April – August

2. Techniques and Tools

Professor Dr. Federico Balaguer
Duration: April – August

3. Software Engineering Topics I

Professor Lic. Alejandro Oliveros
Duration: August – December

4. Database Design

Professor Dr. Silvia Gordillo
Duration: August – December

5. Software Engineering Topics II

Professor Dr. Alejandra Garrido
Duration: August – December
It is necessary to have taken and passed Techniques and Tools

– Integrative Final Work:

It should be individual, show what the student has learnt in the Specialty and clearly state the bibliographical research task carried out and the resulting creative contributions to the chosen topic.

Icono_PDF_16_x_16APPENDIX V: Layout for Final Work Proposals and APPENDIX IV: Final Work Layout