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Dr. Marcelo Naiouf

Advisory Council:

Dr. Guillermo Simari (UNS Argentina)
Dr. Emilio Luque (UAB Spain)
Dr. Gustavo Rossi (UNLP Argentina)
Eng. Antonio Quijano (UNLP Argentina)
Dr. Francisco Tirado (UCM Spain)
Dr. Ralph Steinmetz (U.Darmstadt – Germany)


The course strives for academic excellence in a specific area of the broad and constantly evolving science of Computer Sciences, through specific courses, an internship in a prestigious research unit (local or abroad) and a research paper (Doctoral Thesis) with original contributions to the discipline. The Doctorate in Computer Sciences seeks to form a graduate student with an excellence level in Research, Development and Innovatio.

Academic Structure:

The Doctorate in Computer Sciences is custom-made (or non-structured). This course lasts a minimum of two years and a maximum of 6.


The course includes:

  • A series of Postgraduate Subjects which are considered valid for the Doctorate in Computer Sciences by the HCD of the School of Computer Sciences. One of the courses should provide general training and the student must reach a minimum of 45 credits.
  • A research internship of a minimum of 6 months in a Research and Development Lab, Center or Institute of the School of Computer Sciences or in an equivalent acknowledged R&D Institution. This Internship must be certified by the Director of the Lab, Center or Institute.
  • A Thesis that constitute an original contribution that should be complemented by at least 2 (two) publications of his/her authorship or co-authorship on the same topic in International Congresses or international reviewed journals.
Credit System:
  • There should be given at least 25 credits in courses offered by the School of Computer Sciences, UNLP or by Institutions with cooperation agreements with School of Computer Sciences, UNLP.
  • The course plan admits a maximum of 20 credits for courses in which the professor is the Doctorate Director.
  • A maximum of 9 credits can be credited in general training courses.
  • Courses corresponding to the Master’s Degree of the School of Computer Sciences can sum a maximum of 18 credits.
  • Credits for courses that do not belong specifically to postgraduate studies can sum a maximum of 9.
  • The HCA of the School determines the credits that should be given in each course.

The Doctorate in Computer Sciences is certified and categorized “A” by CONEAU (Resolution Number 744/11, Course Number 4,478/10).

Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Resolution Number 744/11, Course Number 4,478/10