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Dr. Cecilia Sanz

Course Academic:

Dr. María Malbrán (UNLP – Argentina)
Dr. Daniel Prieto Castillo (UNCuyo)
Dr. Guillermo Simari (UNS)
Dr. Liane Taroucco (UFRGS – Brazil)
Eng. Armando De Giusti (UNLP – Argentina)
Lic. Sandra Baldasarri (Spain)


The general aim of the course is to offer updated knowledge related to the methodologies, technologies and tools offered by Computer Sciences and which are significant within the educative framework in order to assist the education process. For this reason, the Master’s Degree is mainly aimed at graduates from all disciplines (including teaching courses graduates) working as teachers. At the same time, we train graduates with R&D skills, who can complete the Doctorate in Computer Sciences, following the topics of the Master’s Degree.
Some of the main academic/professional goals are: that the graduate can improve and boost their teaching practices applying the right skills acquired during the course and take part in R&D projects in the area.
The design of the course is interdisciplinary for both teaching staff and students, which adds the academic goal of integrating different skills coming from several disciplines such as Computer Sciences, Education, Communication, Cognitive Psychology, among others.


The Master´s Degree in Application of computer technology in education is certified and categorized “B” by CONEAU (Resolution Number 900/12, Course Number 30,123/10).

Icono_PDF_16_x_16 Resolution Number 900/12, Course Number 30,123/10