Postgraduate activities in the School of Computer Sciences are really important and include 5 degrees certified by UNLP and CONEAU.

The first axis of the Postgraduate activities consists of the courses of studies such as the Doctorate in Computer Sciences, the Master's Degrees in Data Networks, Software Engineering and Application of Computer Technology in Education; and the Specializations in Application of Computer Technology in Education and Network and Service Interconnection.

In all the cases, we offer a combination of face-to-face and blended learning activities, with the option of using current distance education technologies (WEB-based virtual learning environments, videoconferences) to encourage interaction among students who do not live in La Plata.

The second axis consists of advanced training courses, specialization courses and refreshing courses given by the Postgraduate Department and which are a permanent and diverse offer for Computer Sciences graduates and graduates from related courses as well. Every year, the School of Computer Sciences organizes a group of courses (intensive or four-month) with professors from the UNLP, from other Universities of Argentina or foreign professors, who are accredited according to a set of academic standards stated by the Research and Postgraduate Advisory Board; the Department of Science, Technology and Postgraduate Studies and the Honorable Academic Council of the School.

The third axis is supported by the Research and Development groups of the School which give the chance to Doctorate students to carry out research activities and allow the use of the Laboratory equipment to perform experimental projects regular subjects of the Master's Degrees, Specializations, and advanced courses, specialization courses and refreshing courses.

It is worth noting that the School of Computer Sciences of the UNLP is a member of the Network of National Universities with Computer Sciences Courses (RedUNCI) and has cooperation agreements with different foreign universities (Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, USA, France, Germany, Spain, England and Portugal) which makes a fruitful exchange of postgraduate professors possible.

A great number of Postgraduate students of the School of Computer Sciences are graduates from different national universities and do not even live in La Plata. The School has agreements for Postgraduate Courses which are certified by other universities of the country. Different companies and organizations grant scholarships for Postgraduate studies in Computer Sciences in UNLP.

In short, the School of Computer Sciences has placed the Postgraduate activities in the center of its academic growth and its connection with the productive sector.