Next, a list of all the courses this Department offers in the year 2012 is provided. To enroll, please complete the following: Application Form which can be sent via e-mail to the address or handed in personally at the Department.

In each case, the type of course is indicated with the letters:
| D: Doctorate in Computer Sciences
| MT: Master's Degree in Application of Computer Technology in Education
| ME: Master's degree in Software Engineering
| MN: Master's degree in Data Networks
| MC: Master's Degree in High Performance Computing
| PC: Postgraduate Course
| RC: Professional Refresher Course
Date Type Course Professor
From 18th to 22nd February 2013 (intensive)
II Summer School 2013 UNLP
D Immersive environments for education. OpenSim.
Lic Javier Díaz (UNLP) / Dr. Liane Tarouco (UFRGS-Brazil) / Mg. Eric Amaral (UFRGS-Brazil).