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Director: Lic. Javier Díaz

Course Academic:
M.Sc. Jorge Ardenghi (UNS)
Dr. Liane Taroucco (UFGRS– Brazil)
Dr. Ralph Steinmetz (Darmstadt - Germany)
Eng. Luis Marrone (UNLP)
Dr. Fernando G. Tinetti (UNLP)

Create highly trained human resources in Network and Service Interconnection Technologies with specific knowledge of design, deployment, diagnosis and maintenance of distributed data networks and services.

Contribute to the ideal use of communication networks and link professionals to the new offers and standards of the relevant technologies, focusing on aspects of architecture, deployment and impact of such technologies in working and social environments. Recognize the different potential applications and the functional requirements for the current technological and regulatory horizons in our country.


The Specialization Degree in Networking and Security is under certification process.